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Can you fail a drug test from second hand smoke?

The question, ‘can you fail a drug test from second hand smoke?’ has plagued many of us for a long time now. Those who don’t smoke weed but are constantly with people who do are often worried about failing drug tests.

After the disqualification of NFL player, Josh Gordon, who was disqualified because the THC metabolite levels in his system were 16 nanograms per milliliter while the threshold used for the test was 15 nanogram per milliliter, many people started to wonder if his statement about the results being positive because of his exposure to lots of second hand smoke were true. While some don’t believe something like this can happen, many believe that it is possible because they have experienced something known as contact high.

What is contact high? Contact high is the feeling of getting high and a feeling intoxication just from the exposure to marijuana smoke. Many people have reported that they feel high when they around friends who are puffing away. So, if getting contact high is possible, it is also possible that that you can fail a drug test because of second hand smoke. However, it is not very common for someone to actually fail a drug test because of passive smoke because for it to increase the THC levels in your blood drastically, there need to be certain very limited conditions.

If the room you are in is not well ventilated, the passive smoke gets more opportunity to actually make way into your system which can then affect the THC levels in your urine and thus, causes you to fail a drug test. This is important because if the room is not properly ventilated, most of the air that you are exposed to will be full of marijuana smoke.

Thus, you will inhale it in large quantities which can raise the THC levels in your urine greatly. So, what can you do? Should you leave your friends who smoke marijuana altogether to protect your job? No, that is not necessary. As an individual, you can ask them to puff less when they are around you and respect the fact that your company is known for carrying out random drug tests on short notices. Also, ensure that when they are smoking, you with you around, the space is well ventilated.

Another thing which is important is the amount of smoke you are being exposed to. If they are producing lots and lots of smoke and even with all the ventilation protection, you feel like the smoke is too much, you should just leave the room so you don’t get more drugs into your system.
Failing a drug test can have some very unfavorable consequences and if you want to protect your job, then taking second hand smoke into consideration is very important. Be alert, be safe. Don’t lose your job because of someone else’s hobby!

if its already in your system, there are still a few ways to pass a drug test. I would recommend detox pills or synthetic urine.